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Cookies policy

This site uses cookies to help us provide a satisfying user experience to visitors. Cookies are small text files that are downloaded to your computer through your browser. None of the cookies used on this website are considered intrusive, or used to track or monitor your user behaviour anywhere other than on this website. You can learn more about cookies here.

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In the United Kingdom the Information Commissioner’s Office is responsible for enforcing privacy laws. The office’s official guidelines, particularly as they refer to the EU Cookie Directive can be found here.

To understand how people use our site, and to enable us to tailor the site to better serve the needs of our users, we (like many websites) use Google Analytics which requires the use of cookies for it to function correctly.

Presently, all the cookies on this site are required for Google Analytics. You can read more about Google Analytics cookies here.

Cookie Type Duration Description
_utma Persistent 2 years The _utma cookie provides each unique browser that visits a page on our site with a unique ID. This means that any subsequent visits to our website by someone using the same browser is recorded as belonging to the same unique visitor. This provides us, through Google Analytics, with information about the number of unique visitors visiting the site over a period of time. It is anonymous, and does not communicate any information from your device.

_utmb and _utmc Session 1 day The _utmb and _utmc cookies enable Google Analytics to determine a user’s session — that is the period of time a visitor spends on our site in a single visit. The cookie expires at the end of the day in which you visited the site, is anonymous, and does not communicate any information from your device.

_utmz Persistent 6 months The _utmz cookie enables the analytics package to determine referral information (whether a visitor arrived at our site via a search engine, direct link, advert etc.) and track a visitor’s movement around the site. It lasts for a period of six months and gets updated with each subsequent page view of the site. It does not use any personally identifiable information.