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Complete control of digital out-of-home creative for advertisers and their agencies

  • Create

    OpenLoop® is the campaign management tool that enables live, dynamic, and reactive digital out-of-home campaigns to run on multiple networks and formats.

    You create a campaign, decide who is going to have management access to it by adding users, then select where your creative is going to run.

    OpenLoop® allows you to sub-divide locations, networks, and formats into easily manageable groups.

  • Upload

    The OpenLoop® system can handle a wide range of media file types —jpeg, png, mov, wmv, flv, or f4v formats — and you can schedule reminders to update your media at set intervals.

    The dashboard enables you to quickly add Twitter, RSS, or text feeds, include a moderation stage, and schedule separate feed update reminders.

  • Manage

    The OpenLoop® dashboard gives you total control over the management of your campaign, even after it has started to run. You can easily upload new creative or change feeds. Want to expand to more sites? Just select the ones you want and update.

    You can share previews of your ads with members of your team, or send them to the client for sign-off.

  • Publish

    Some media owners require a compliance stage to ensure your advertisements meet with network approval. OpenLoop® includes a compliance engine which automatically sends a copy of your ad to the media owner.

    Compliance done, just click publish and your ad is instantly deployed to all your selected networks.

    Congratulations, your ads are live — time for a well-earned cuppa.

Agencies using OpenLoop®

Agencies using OpenLoop

I was really excited about the potential for OpenLoop as it promised to finally unlock the full potential of DOOH's capabilities. I was not disappointed, the technology provides an inventive and flexible platform to deliver innovative new approaches to the medium.

Rory Behrman,
Business Director, Universal McCann

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Why is OpenLoop® needed?

Digital inventory and innovation have re-energised the outdoor advertising channel in recent years. The medium has experienced rapid growth and seen an explosion of technological advances.

In 2014, global DOOH revenue exceeded $9 billion in 2014. In the UK, digital represented 31% of all out-of-home media spend for 2015.

This extraordinary growth means that media owners, both established and new, have made significant investments in new technologies and sites. In the UK alone there are over 180 different digital out-of-home media formats. Brands and agencies have the opportunity to reach audiences where they work, socialise and shop in ways that are more digital, more relevant and more engaging.

In 2008, people were excited to see moving adverts running alongside escalators on the Tube but we have moved beyond that. We now have a medium that can communicate intelligently, can disseminate fresh and timely content, can invite participation, can be socially enabled or perhaps involve user generated content.

As the networks expand and the range of formats grows we are all faced with the challenge of how to effectively manage comprehensive national or international campaigns delivering on the promise of dynamic, relevant and timely digital content and data. All from a central dashboard.

That's why we built OpenLoop® — to open up the potential of a powerful medium and give creative and media agencies the control over their campaigns.

Networks working with OpenLoop®

Networks using OpenLoop
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Are you a media owner?

We’re looking to increase the range of territories, networks and formats that our campaign management tool features. If you’re a media owner and would like to have your network integrated into OpenLoop®, we’d love to hear from you.

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